High Pressure Homogenzation

Cell Disruption:

Cell Disruption Rate >97%

E.coli / Yeast / Lucidum spores / Nematode / Plant cells / Actinomycetes / Thermophilic bacteria and Mycobacterium …… cell disruption rates > 97%

Nano-homogenizing of Liposome:

Liposome Break Down

Nano-homogenizing of Liposome / Emulsion / Micro-emulsion / Solid-liquid / suspension agent / herb drugs. Particle sizes could be achieved under 100nm. Suitable for clean room and GMP manufacturing under FDA guideline.

Particle Sizes Down Under 100nm

The particle size ranges from 50 to 100nm after homogenizing by using PhD-Tech homogenizer. The effective diameter was measured using the Mastersizer 2000 Particle Size Analyzer.

Before And After Homogenization

Bamboo fiber’s comparison microscopy picture before and after homogenizing in one pass at 25000Psi using PhD homogenizer.

Nano Cosmetics and Nano Skincare:

Breakdown of solutions for better absorbancy

Nano cosmetics and nano skin care product are more effective after processed by PhD Tech high pressure homogenizers

Superfine Homogeneous Suspension​:


Superfine homogeneous suspension such as graphene / CNT / nanocellulose / product in food industry.  Suitable for clean room and GMP manufacturing

Nano Cellulose

Extraction of Cellulose Nanofibers


Creation of single layer carbon made of hexagonal lattice.  

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